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Gabby Medeck

Singer | Actor | Strong Mover

Meet Gabby!

Pronouns: They/Them

Gabby is from Sayville, NY, a small town on the coast of Long Island that was once named the “Friendliest Town In America.” Being so close to the ocean meant that as a child they spent most of their free time swimming and building sand castles until the sun set. 


Music was integrated into their life as early as they can remember, running around the living room half singing half screaming “Rainbow Connection,” not really caring that they were saying “the robbers, the dreamers, and me” instead of “the lovers, the dreamers and me.” It soon became the song they would use to audition for their first musical, Peter Pan. There they played one of the twin lost boys alongside their sister, probably because they were really twins to begin with.


While their sister doesn’t perform anymore, Gabby never really stopped.


They are currently a senior at SUNY Fredonia, earning a BFA in Musical Theater. They are excited to see what’s to come once they graduate in the spring, no matter where the road leads.


When not singing or performing, they can be found having a cozy night in with their friends or reading one of the many books they have been meaning to read for years.



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